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All Everton Ridge Homes in Turtle Mountain conform to architectural requirements of the developer and are designed to enhance the natural beauty of the development. Please refer to owners documents for full construction specifications. In the event of discrepancies the blueprints and building code requirements will prevail. The following document highlights the finishing specifications in all Everton Ridge Homes for Turtle Mountain.



Cultured Stone, plan specific 2 finish coat of eggshell latex paint
Hardie Plank Siding 2 color selection per color fan (0-3)
Rear vinyl or concrete patio, plan specific 3 ½” door casings
Full width aggregate concrete driveway 4 ½” baseboards
Aggregate front sidewalk and stairs 3 ½” window casings
Completed lawn irrigation system 5” door headers
Front and rear landscaping per design 4” window sills
Lot specific retaining walls Wrought iron spindles as per plan



Maple, Alder or Oak finish Flooring detail is plan specific
Soft closing doors and drawers 7 lb underlay throughout
OTR Microwave Carpet/tile/Hardwood as per plan
Granite kitchen counter tops Designer consultation
Flat lay laminate vanity tops – baths
Crown moulding


PVC slider dual pane windows 30 year asphalt shingles
Garage door opener and (2) controls Splatter coat ceiling finish
Satin chrome door hardware 4 – Stainless steel kitchen appliances
Installed A/C as per plan requirements Fire control sprinkler system
Programmable thermostat Moen faucets
50 gallon water heater Decora electrical switches
R.I Vac-system R.I security systems


1. Select Your Perfect Lot

~ Your dream Location ~
We encourage you and your family to walk or drive around the area to get a feel for your new community. An Everton Ridge Homes representative will assist you to ensure you find the perfect location for your dream home. Our professional representatives will fully explain the location advantages, any specific lot features and discuss the orientation of the home on the lot to maximize usage and ensure lasting value.

2. Building Overview & Planner

~ Laying the Foundation for Your Dream ~
Our team will review the new home building process and answer all your questions. We will complete a New Home Planning Guide to determine your specifications, requirements, special requests, budget and timeline to ensure we meet your expectations. It is important to us that the process is fully explained so your expectations are understood right up front.

3. Custom Designing

~ Designing your Dream Home ~
The design consultation meeting is when preliminary drawings will begin. Details like electrical layout, window sizes and room dimensions are a few of the important decisions our designer will guide you through. This process continues until we have a final plan that you approve and we make sure you have a full level of understanding of the scope of the project. Custom building with Everton Ridge Homes takes place in specific situations where you own the building site, the site is specifically allocated for custom plans and when we work with you to research the exact building site acceptable to and compatible with the plan you envision. Everton Ridge Homes has select building sites that are already designated for specific plans and have been carefully engineered to fit the requirements of that site. These plans are available to personalize, however these sites are not allocated for custom designs. Our representatives will discuss the best fit for you.

4. Pricing

~ Reviewing your Dream Home and Costs ~
Once the plan is approved and preliminary drawings are completed encompassing all required architectural elements and any specific plan changes, we will get to work with our trades and suppliers to craft a budget based on your list. In the case of pre-selected plans, the pricing has been completed and you will know there are no additional costs involved. Custom plan pricing can take up to four weeks depending on the scope of the project.

5. Purchase Agreement

~ Buying your New Dream Home ~
With plans completed and pricing confirmed it’s time to complete your dream home purchase agreement which will carefully detail and confirm all aspects of the project. Remember when we have a conversation it’s just a discussion, when we have an agreement it’s in writing! Our commitment to you. The final contractual obligations are fully detailed in order that all required elements are noted, the terms are specified and both parties are in full agreement regarding all aspects of the home to be built.

6. Plan For Approval

~ Ensuring your Dream home will fit in ~
Your quality project team and Designer will help you select your exterior materials and colors that work within the community architectural guidelines, restrictions and requirements. Your home exterior elevation is then submitted to the development approval body for acceptance. In the case of pre-selected sites, these procedures have already been completed and the approval is in place. Therefore there can be no changes to the exterior components of the home, colors or materials. In the case of custom building, the engineers and designers will work with the approving authority in the location to ensure the home meets with the requirements. There is typically more flexibility with these custom plans provided the base architectural components are respected.

7. Construction

~ Building Your Dream Home ~
Your Everton Ridge Homes building team includes a Project Manager and a Designer. Together they will guide you through every step and decision until your home is complete. Weekly project meetings are booked to review your homes progress, discuss issues or concerns and to confirm your homes finishing’s. It’s an exciting six to eight months.

8. Prepossession – 10 days prior to Possession

~ Walking through your Dream ~
Your family is invited to inspect your new home for necessary touch ups and items that might need to be addressed before you move into your new home. Your Project Manager will review and provide you with your New Home maintenance schedule and instructions.

9. Possession Day

~ Possession Day ~
Your Everton Ridge Project Manager will do one last walk through with you before you receive the keys to your new home. This is our opportunity to explain and demonstrate the mechanical workings of the home, recommend maintenance procedures, ensure all questions are answered and explain our post-possession service and warranty program. This is the day you will remember for a long time and we want it to be a happy day. All previously noted deficiency items will have been completed by this time so there is no need to “re-inspect” the home. After possession there are always things you notice as you enjoy the home and our service team will handle these during the service visits.

10. Continued Support and Care Program

~ Continued Support and Care Program ~
Our impressive service really kicks in after you have moved into your New Home. Should your home require warranty service, our goal is to resolve the matter within one week. After your first year, Everton Ridge Homes continues to be available for service or renovation discussions for as long as you own your home. While our warranty program leads the way for the first year, our “Everton Life Program” leads the industry. There are no compromises and for as long as you live in your Everton Home we are available to assist in required repairs, maintenance or home improvement elements. One call to our office and we will work with you on any issues that arise. Although the scheduled and contracted maintenance is 12 months after possession, we are here for you. It is our commitment to lasting value.

There is a process we follow at Everton Ridge Homes that is designed specifically around the customer and their “list”. Everyone has a list of priorities and needs in their new home and we understand that in our business it is the customer who decides value, not the builder. Our buyer interview process is designed to identify the possibility of a fit between your expectations and our capabilities. The dedicated, exclusive Everton orientation meeting is a chance for us to hear from you, ask us questions about our capabilities and a chance for us to ask you questions about your expectations, how your lifestyle will change and what solutions you seek.

Our clients in Turtle Mountain explain the reasons they decided on the area and Everton Ridge Homes for their lifestyle choice. “When it came to our decision it was simply a matter of three things; Design, location and the protection of value long term. “ Everton provided this through the experienced custom building process allowing us to decide what is right for us, the location will never be compromised and our view with be there forever, and lastly the combination of the final price and these two important factors made the choice obvious.

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